“If the young people of America could really know what addiction is and how to face their pain, the pushers wouldn't have a friend left on earth.” Rick Amato

Here is what students all across America are saying about “The Power of a Choice

"You spoke at my school earlier today. I would just like to say that you were awesome! I'm a senior, and I have been to numerous assemblies throughout my school years and yours was by far the best and had the most impact on me. You really made me think about everything. My classmates usually rip apart speakers that come to our school, but afterwards all I heard was good comments about you. Thank you so much for visiting... you were great! -Jessica

"You just recently spoke at my school the other day. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Your message was very powerful. I believe you touched a lot of teenagers and they will now not have to question whether or not they should pick up that bottle of beer or cigarette. You sharing this with us has changed my life tremendously. I think that people are now going to realize that you don't need alcohol or drugs to have fun. I heard some teen's talking after you had left and saying that they were going to get help. They said, "Rick did it... I can do it too." Please continue to touch hearts all over the world. God Bless You." -Jennifer

"Today you visited my school. You were the best speaker I've ever heard, keep doing what you are doing because you make everything seem possible." -Daryl, High School Student

"[Since the assembly] I've been asked to take a drink, but I walked away. I've thought about the consequences." -John, Junior High Student

James Brown
FOX Sports
Los Angeles, California

February 11, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

I've called a lot of tough games in my day. Rick Amato's War on Addiction campaign is not a game. It is a man serious mission that demands our attention. It Is the battle of addiction so many of our young people face today, therefore the war on drugs must continue.

The good news is that Rick Amato is doing something about it through his War on Addiction program. There is a proven way for you to rescue yourself or your loved ones from the awfiul horrors of addiction.

Rick Amato, who is winning this battle in his own life, has challenged and encouraged thousands of young people and adults that they can be a winner too!

God Bless

Yours truly,

James Brown
FOX Sports



Steve Largent
Member of Congress

February 3, 1999

To Whom It May Concern:

Any time someone tries to help young people make good choices and stay on the right track, I am for them. I am glad that Rick Amato, through his War on Addiction, is going to battle for our most important national resource - our young people.

The most important struggle, our future, depends on the war he is waging. I urge you so join Rick Atnato in his Struggle for America's youth today.


The Honorable Steve Largent
U.S. House of Representatives



Russellville High School
Post Office Box 730
Russellville, AL 35653

November 17, 1998

To whom It May Concern,

On November 16, 1998, Rick Amato spoke to the students of Russellville High School and Russellville Middle School in two separate assemblies. His talk on the War Against Addiction was excellent. It was informative as well as morally inspirational. Mr. Amato helped our students understand that they have the power to make choices, but they don't have the power to determine the consequences of their choices. The choice to use alcohol, nicotine, and other drugs leads to abuse which leads to brain damage and disease of the brain. Mr. Amato spoke with sincerity and at a level our students could understand. His examples were humorous at times, and heart wrenching at other tunes. Our students were very interested in Mr. Amato's message. They were very quiet and attentive.

The question and answer time at the end was wonderful. Both High School and Middle School students had questions for Mr. Amato. The Middle School students really opened up to him and had more questions than time allowed. Rick Amato treated each question with respect. He treated students in a manner that built up their self-esteem.

Today, many students and teachers have shared positive reactions to yesterday's program. Mr. Amato message was powerful and important. He is one of the best speakers we have had in the Russellville City Schools.


Nancy Cooper
Safe and Drug-Free Schools counselor

Jerry Baker
Russellville Middle School Principal