What is Addiction?

Many people are confused about what addiction actually is. Who is an addict and how did they become that way? Others think only people who use illegal street drugs like heroin or cocaine are addicts.

Rick Amato says, "Addiction is a developmentally acquired disease. A complete system of behaviors that is formed in the earlier stages of human development. A disease for which recovery is possible."

For this reason, For this reason, Rick is committed to getting his message, "The Power of A Choice," into every home in America.

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If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction or addiction related problems, you donít need to suffer in silence. Get a copy of The Power of A Choice and freedom from addiction.

In a startling admission, General Barry McCaffery, the Drug Czar of the United States, admitted
the war on drugs has failed.

Compelled by the desperate need and grave crisis, especially among the youth of the world, internationally acclaimed speaker, Rick Amato has entered into this life and death struggle.

Amato, inspired by his own day by day recovery, is engaging a team of international professionals who share his vision to declare war—not on drugs—but on addiction itself.

Amatoís vision is to focus not on the supply of drugs, but the demand for them. Currently a program including live events, radio, television, and printed materials, along with audio and video cassettes, are being utilized to promote awareness of this vision.